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Deborah, A real segment of her journey

"This was a very enlightening book. As a 70 year old I could reflect on verses relating to my past. This short book needs to be read to every young girl who feels she has no purpose. The poetry is awesome. I am so proud of my niece. Keep the books of real black girls journals. Any girls struggling in life needs to read this book , it gives hope.

Aaliyah, Fragments of a Full Memory Weaved into The Lost World of Short Stories

"I love how Lauren connects her first published book, "Fragments of a Full Memory," with her podcast. Every Wednesday, she reads a poem from her book and gives the listener insight on why she wrote it and helpful advice for their own life.


I love how I can read a poem from her book and relate her words to the emotions of my own situations in life. I'm also proud of Lauren's ability to create and promote her own podcast.


I love how professional she sounds and the music she chooses to include in it. I'm excited for the next book she publishes and looking forward to season two of her podcast.


Yes! I would recommend it.


Lastly,  congratulations Lauren on all of your accomplishments so far. May God continue to bless everything you do.

Chris, It really resonated with me

"One of my favorite poems in the book is "Love Acceptance". It was something I felt but didn't notice until I read it.

Marion, It shows the humanity...

"Through her poetry, the author takes the reader on a brief but timeless journey, in which she dares you to “let go of fear”, dare to love yourself and challenge you “…to live fully”. Every young girl/woman facing life’s challenges and trying to figure “it” out needs to read this book. It is a message of hope and encouragement.

As a former high school teacher, I also recommend this book as a must-read for parents and teachers because of its reflective tone. It helps us to remember what it was like to be twenty-something and dealing with the challenges of making tough decisions. Through this wonderful work, parents and teachers can use it to ignite meaningful conversations that will help guide the young women in their lives.


Doris,The Lost World of Short Stories

"I listened to the first episode "Self—Love is Not A Phase and I was so overjoyed that it led me to tears. I really enjoyed it!

Lina, The Lost World of Short Stories 

"I listened to the first episode and it was soo good!! Excited to see this project grow!

Aaliyah, The Lost World of Short Stories

"I just listened to the first episode and it was so good!!  And very professional! lol


Dajone, The Lost World of Short Stories

"I loved the podcast content from each episode. You get so much in one episode. Each one displays the artist’s creativity and passion. I would recommend it!

Sarah, The Lost World of Short Stories

"Right off the bat, we as listeners get to tune into these deeply personal poems rooted in exploring the experiences and imagination of Black women. Through stories, interviews, and conversation— the insight listeners get is paramount and invaluable! A powerful space to learn about and value the experiences of black women artists. Yes, I would recommend it..

Destyni, The Lost World of Short Stories

"Everything about this podcast is just right! Love the space, content and connection for black women creatively! It is everythingggg!


I cannot wait for the continued growth of this space, it's something black women need for sure!



Erica, The Lost World of Short Stories

"Your voice is so soothing and inviting, and I absolutely love the content you feature, especially the spoken word.

Yes, I would recommend it. 

I think you're doing an awesome job! Keep up the good work.

Tatiaira, The Lost World of Short Stories

"Upon discovering Lauren's podcast "The Lost World of Short Stories," I first stumbled across "Bad Habits." Though this was the first podcast I decided to listen to, it was not the last as I could listen to her speak for hours on end. In each episode, she delves into a new topic discussing various situations and experiences which are high relatable for all youth but specifically for young women of color. Her discussions and advice are especially insightful and introspective and will leave you with a sense of belonging as she makes a space for Black women to connect and share. In "Bad Habits" as well as a few other podcasts she also performs short poetry readings from her book which I absolutely loved. Overall, Lauren's podcast was wonderful and left me feeling connected and inspired.

I  would recommend it. 

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